"I Am Called Shaman represents indie publishing at its finest."

Michael Eich
The Worm Bookstore


Reader Reviews of I AM CALLED SHAMAN

"A definite Must  Read. I AM CALLED SHAMAN offers an extraordinary blend of mysticism, suspense, believable animal communication, fascinating plot, and well developed characters. You are hooked on the first page and the story won't turn you loose until the end. Excellent debut novel."

Kate Ruland-Thorne
Author of Gold, Greed and Glory and others

"In addition to its compelling appeal for mystery readers, police procedural enthusiasts, and fans of suspense thrillers, I AM CALLED SHAMAN will capture the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. I found it to be utterly spellbinding, insightful, and richly rewarding on every level. An astonishing debut novel!"

Paul D. McCarthy
New York Times hardcover bestselling author

"Rebecca Reeves spins an entertaining and engrossing tale with her debut novel, I AM CALLED SHAMAN, a murder mystery set in magnificent Red Rock Country with just the right amount of supernatural happenings to keep both believers and non-believers happy. As significant, and apparent throughout the book, is her love and respect for animals, especially the wolf."

Joe Neri, co-owner
The Well Red Coyote - Books on the Rocks
Sedona, Arizona

"Once you start reading you won't be able to put it down! Vivid Sedona imagery, a continuous trail of clues and plot twists will keep you turning the pages."

C.T. - Posted on Amazon.com

"I AM CALLED SHAMAN is a delightful read and a welcome change in the traditional mystery category. The author has not been influenced by required genre formula, but has written to entertain and inform, and has accomplished both. The characters, both human and animal, are intriguing and the pace keeps you up late at night. I AM CALLED SHAMAN is a clever mystery and with an ending that is just perfect."

T.L. Jessop, Colorado Suspense Writer

"I Am Called Shaman is a Best-Seller in my store. My customers absolutely LOVE this novel!"

Julia O'Kelley
Sedona Pet Supply

"Abra-cadabra! I Am Called Shaman is pure magic!"

R.S. - Reader in Arizona

"WOW!!! My childhood fantasies of animal communication woven into a gritty adult murder mystery. I absolutely couldn't put it down. BRAVO!!!"

J.M. - Reader in Pennsylvania 

"I Am Called Shaman represents indie publishing at its finest. This novel has earned its place, front and center, on my Best-Seller display table." 

Michael Eich
The Worm Book and Music Store

"I don't know when I've enjoyed a book so much. This is a MUST READ for anyone who likes mysteries. It was so well researched with inspiring characters - including the animals! It gives one a glimpse into another sphere. I cannot wait for the second one!"

A.D. - Reader in California

"I loved it! Reeves' animal characters are on par with the best of Dean Koontz and Jean Auel. I wanted to savor every word, but couldn't stop myself from devouring it!"

J.N. - Reader in Arizona

"Thank you for such a wonderful gift. I Am Called Shaman reminded me to return to my spirit when I had decided to give in to illness. I am ever thankful."

Annonymous - Reader in California

"Emotionally captivating, superbly plotted, 100% original."

B.A. - Reader in Arizona

"This was a very unusual read, and I loved it. I felt like I was in Sedona watching how the animals interacted with Abra. I am passing it on to several of my friends who are great animal lovers. I am looking forward to the next book in the series!"

K.O. - Reader in Minnesota

"Reeves gives us Sedona with such visceral potency, you'll believe you're there."

S.D. - Reader in California

"This was a totally captivating story, one that I could not put down. I thank you for allowing us, your fans, to enjoy this story."

M.S. - Reader in New York

"One of the things (okay, many) I love about this book was the respect for the universe, the spirituality, the animals, the humans, and Abra's attitude. I hope this is a lonnngggg series!"

D.H. - Reader in Arizona

"The mystery was compelling and tight - A great book right up until the end!"

J.L. - Reader in California

"There's magic here and we're allowed to listen and learn. Fantasic novel - first or tenth - and we can't wait for the next one! What a joy!

B.H. - Reader in Arizona

"My doctor gives me book prescriptions. This is the first work of fiction she's ever prescribed. It's absolutely wonderful. I've posted info about it on my Facebook page. It's a delight. I'm enthralled. Thank you for writing it."

J.I. - Reader in Ohio

"Great book. (Reeves has) wolf characteristics down pat."

S.B. - Reader in Florida

"You will FLY through this captivating novel which integrates the excitement of murder mystery with the metaphysical powers of the ancient shaman. The author creates the new "it-girl" sleuth, the wise and lovable Abra Forrester, who sees the experiences of her animal guides in order to track both the lost and the wicked. I can't wait for the next book in the series!"

J-alena - Posted on Amazon.com

"I truly enjoyed reading this book. It was interesting to get an animal's perspective on the events as they unfolded in the story."

T.O. - Reader in Minnisota

"I truly enjoyed this novel!!!"

I.B. - Reader in Colorado

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